About the brand

More than a century has elapsed since the creation of the first weaving workshop in Biella by Antonio Cerruti. In one hundred years, the Cerruti saga was built. But it was actually with Nino Cerruti, the founder’s grandson, that the brand developed. All the ingredients for success were in place: the workshop in the heart of the textile industry, ancestral craftsmanship and extremely sophisticated finishes.

In 1957, Nino Cerruti launched a ready-to-wear collection for men. It was an utter revolution in a world where made-tomeasure reigned supreme. In 1967, in tribute to the date on which the family workshop was created, the “Cerruti 1881” brand was born.

The company then took on a whole new dimension, rapidly becoming an international group, and established itself in the Madeleine district of Paris, its headquarters occupying a private mansion at no.3, Place de la Madeleine and the brand’s historic store taking up residence at no. 27, Rue Royale.

Today, the brand sells both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure collections for men, as well as denim, casual wear, leather goods, shoes, watch and jewellery, legwear, fragrances, for men and women.

An eyewear collection and a tie and scarf collection for men, and a collection dedicated to writing instruments complete the “Cerruti 1881” universe. UNIVERSE AND STYLE Elegance, luxury and quality are the bywords of the House, whose style has today become a leading reference.

The reputation it built won the heart of Hollywood and enabled Nino Cerruti to dress – or undress – the biggest stars, in over 90 films. Its success may be explained, in particular, by the philosophy of the brand’s founder, according to whom design and technology are closely interrelated.

Always at the forefront of textile innovation, avant-garde, yet timeless, the “Cerruti 1881” style is in a class of its own: lightweight, fluid, flawless. The sense of design and the search for increasingly sophisticated fabrics contribute to the natural elegance of the label.

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